Waters Works

We believe that a church should be a place where creativity can be facilitated. Do you have a concern for justice? Do you want to see social change? Are you currently working with a group to create social action? If you answered yes to any of those,
we feel like you'd be a perfect fit with us.
We'd love to hear from you about what you're doing to bring good to Tampa, and we'd love to help you if possible.


Community Food Market

Every Monday evening from 6:00 - 8:00 PM we host a community market made possible through the work of The Well. Local groceries are collected and made available to those who need it - completely free of charge. Each week varies by what we receive in the pick-ups, but we typically cover all the basics: bread, dairy, fruits and vegetables (and usually some pretty great deserts!) It’s a beautiful time of building connections. Connections between extra food and those who can use it and connections between people.

garden edit.jpg

Tampa Eden Project Community Garden

One of our primary on-going projects is our community garden. Using hugelkultur, we’ll be planting both a flower garden and fruits and vegetables. This project is a continual gift to our neighbors since it will be providing food for those who need it and beauty for those who pass by, or rest for those who enjoy our garden seating area. Our garden will also provide meaningful and creative volunteer opportunities for those who would like to join us in tending and upkeep.

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The Conscious Party

The Conscious Party is an open source party thrown by our friends at The Well. A place where every voice has a stage and a spotlight. Black, Latino, white, poor, middle class, housed, or homeless - any and all are invited to bring their creativity, stories, songs and struggles. With an open mic and an open table we discover that in sharing with each other we all get a bit more conscious - aware and awakened to the beauty of the presence of God within a diverse community sharing their pains, joys and lives...oh, also their food. Join us and get conscious!