Educational Hour - 10 AM

Our educational hour typically begins in a book study. The books we choose to read together will be ones we've chosen to give us a broader, deeper view of life. We work through theological and philosophical texts in a way that's accessible for anyone so that we can all have a chance to learn from the various voices throughout history that have tried to answer the big questions of life. Everyone is welcome, and we'll always make sure that you can take something practical away from the discussion. So don't worry if you jump in the middle of book study! We'll have coffee too - because, really, who can think on a Sunday morning without it?

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Liturgical Hour - 11 AM

We believe that it is important to gather together in corporate worship. We don't think it's some kind of act that will appease an angry god. We view our gatherings as a chance to remind ourselves that there are bigger things in life than the demands that our jobs, peers, economies, or governments make on us. Our liturgy is a time we can disrupt and reorient ourselves and renew our commitment to embracing the kind of life that Jesus displayed.

On any given week you may hear a hymn from the 1800's, a song from a "secular" artist, or an original by someone in our congregation. Whatever music you hear will have the same goal - to foster reflection, to inspire creativity, and to complement the theme of that week's liturgy. The same goes for our readings, reflections, and prayers.

Our sermons are meant to give us a deeper understanding of ourselves or our world and to confront us with the radical teachings of Jesus and the rest of the Bible. You can listen in on our YouTube channel or our podcast stream. We try to approach our Christianity in a not-so-ordinary way, so whether you've been in church your whole life or never stepped foot in a church, we think you'll be surprised by what you hear.